In episode #2, Live to Smile host and dentistry expert Megan Fairhall reviews Dr Manrina Rhode’s wellness tips and adds a few of her own.

No topic is too big or too small for this all-around female health and wellbeing podcast. Megan talks about everything from zygomaticus muscles to spreading positivity through the power of smiling and the benefits of sticking to a morning routine. 

“Smile anxiety is something that is rife these days. People’s own perception of their smile is not necessarily how other people see it. Their own perception might be because their teeth are crooked or yellow, stained, or just generally not meeting their expectations. We spend our lives scrolling through Instagram, seeing unrealistic filtered images, and it is having a real impact on people and their mental health. ”- Megan Fairhall

In every second episode of the Live to Smile podcast, Megan speaks to industry-leading professionals in dermatology, gut health, nutrition, and a handful of other female health sectors. She tries their tips and tricks and reports back to you in the following episode. 

Stay tuned for episode #3 to learn all about facial aesthetics!

This episode covers:

  • Dr Manrina Rhode’s tips
  • Habit stacking
  • Smile anxiety
  • Hitting 10,000 steps
  • Spreading positivity
  • Brushing tips
  • Why your morning routine matters
  • Perseverance