Think dentistry, meets beauty, in a Universal explosion of millennial pink and wellness

#L I V E T O S M I L E Dental Beauty Box is here to empower and inspire you to put the glam into your oral health by combining it with your beauty regimes. Giving your the confidence you need to smile and live your best life, both on and off the gram.

A note from Megan our founder and Dental Hygienist to the celebs and influencers; “At a time when health is such a big focus and as a dental professional I wanted to reach a wider audience with my dental expertise. Helping to educate and ease the process of deciding which dental products to buy. Then combing with desirable beauty products and positive lifestyle routines, purely to help you be the best version of yourself”

Dental Beauty Box includes prestigious products that look sleek in your bathroom and also on your Instagram feed. Products that will make you feel glamorous from first thing in the morning til last thing at night.

#L I V E T O S M I L E ‘s focus is to help you implement positive morning and evening routines. From toothbrushing, to meditating, applying your face cream and saying your morning affirmations to making your evening gratitude list.

Dental Beauty Box is Available NOW

Box Includes 

Regenerate toothpaste – Full Size 

Regenerate toothpaste – Travel Size 

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head 

CocoFloss – Full Size 

Living Proof – Sample size 

Murad – Sample size 

Rose Quartz Crystal 

Price : £29 (worth over £50).

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush – additional extra/cost 

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