The facial aesthetics industry is at the forefront of mainstream media. Lip filler, thread lifts, and botox are all on the top of the list of things that we think will make us look younger. 

In this episode, facial aesthetics expert Dr Zainab Al-Mukhtar warns us against backstreet clinicians, tells us all about her journey to facial aesthetics, and advocates for a more subtle approach to personal improvements. 

“I realised that my passion and what was really driving me and what gave me butterflies in my tummy was the aesthetic side of dentistry. So I would spend really long building up a tooth to as perfect as it could be, even if that meant staying past 5 o’clock trying to sculpt it.” – Dr Zainab Al-Mukhtar

Live to Smile host Megan Fairhall invites an expert guest on her wellness podcast each week to learn their top 3 tips. Listeners can learn how to improve their beauty regime with small, actionable steps. 

“It’s important to go and see a trained professional for these treatments. There’s a lot of backstreet things these days. ” – Megan Fairhall

This episode covers:

  • Subtle aesthetic changes 
  • The journey from dentistry to facial aesthetics
  • Where do clinicians draw the line?
  • The cumulative effect of lip fillers
  • Back street clinics
  • Juggling motherhood with a career
  • The benefits of vitamin C in the morning
  • How to improve your cleansing routine

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