Host Megan Fairhall is back to talk us through how she has implemented Dr Zainab’s top tips into her day-to-day life. The Live to Smile podcast is all about promoting small, actionable steps towards wellness.  

In episode 4, dentistry specialist Megan discusses breaking away from social media stereotypes, filling her cup first, and what to look out for if you are concerned about enamel erosion. 

“It always tends to come down to the same things: people’s skin isn’t functioning like skin should. We throw everything at our skin. We throw a bit of a bad diet at it, we don’t optimise our micronutrients, we aren’t using the right skincare or the right skincare for us. Often we perceive that we have skin complaints that our skin doesn’t actually have.” – Sarah Buckley – 21:01

Skin expert Sarah Buckley also drops in to dispel some of the myths about skin management. In this hour, she talks about everything from managing your skin over 30, which products promote cell turnover, and keeping sebum under control. 

This episode covers:

  • The effectiveness of Dr Zainab’s top tips
  • Do you really need lip fillers?
  • Skin over 30 
  • Pressure for perfectionism
  • Sebum control
  • How to promote cell turnover 

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